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August 28, 2009
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Tutorial: Bottlecap Pendants by hogret Tutorial: Bottlecap Pendants by hogret
A tutorial for making resin-filled bottlecap pendants.

Apologies for the huge file, but it's quite a long process.
Lots of bottlecap pendants in my jewelry gallery.

Latest examples at [link] - you'll notice in that pic that the pearl bead pendant is full of bubbles - that's what happens if you don't heat / blow them out. In this case, I thought they looked quite pretty!

Once you're confident with your resin technique, you can try using it to make pendants out of vintage watch bezels. Examples at [link] and [link]
Practice on bottlecaps first, though, because if you mess up, you feel less guilty throwing them away!

You can make these into rings too, by mounting a bottlecap onto a ring blank - see [link]

I'm happy to answer any queries or explain parts of the process where the tutorial is unclear.

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Kiwi-Stables Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool! This gives me a bit of a 'Luna Lovegood'-feel. :D
bittykitty Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow, these are so clever! I'll have to give these a go. 

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.
Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial! You've inspired me to do something like this in the near future. :)
Oh I hope you have lots of fun!
FireGemini Sep 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
for the very first and the very last, the ones with beads and the coffee, i like it better when they dont have the dome.. xD but the ones in the middle looks better with the dome <3


hmm, do u know if u can fill it with clearliquid glue, or NICE ( the kind u put on wood works to make it glossy..? XD)

so cool so coolllll

i want to make some <3

but idk where they sell epoxy in the country im living in right now xD
I've never tried glue, but it's worth experimenting!
I also sometimes battle to find epoxy resin - easiest is to order online from etsy [link]
Liketheisland Aug 28, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Cool! I'm definitely not the craftiest person in the world, but this looks fun to try sometime!
Definitely do!
Hi there,
These look great! :D
I was wondering do you have a tutorial or picture sample like this one above of how to make resin pendants in molds?
I attempted my first batch for molded resin pendants (resin in the silicone molds) using what the craft store lady said would work & I followed all instructions on the bottle, the instruction guide & I even went online to make sure I was doing everything right with the resin brand I bought - I went to the brand resin's website & still my molded resin pendants came out looking 'frosty' on the front surface while hard but shiny & clear on the back surface although 'slightly soft' but hard at the back.
I am pretty devastated about it :(
I'm from Australia, we don't have Hobby Lobby or Michaels etc.. the only craft store around here is 30min drive away called Spotlight & it is limited with what they stock, that is where I got my resin (CRAFT SMART LIQUID GLOSS Resin & Hardener) & it's the ONLY resin they stocked.
Is there a certain brand I should be using for molded resin pendants to be clear & shiny all the way through?
I've heard in the Us they have Easy Cast, some recommend it & some don't..
I've heard of people sanding & polishing there resin pieces to get the shiny/gloss effect.. I know to sand the edges but does the front surface need sanding too & then some sort of polish added on top??
I'm now confused..
Any Help would be greatly appreciated, I put a lot of money into this project.
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