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“The best thing for being sad," replied Merlin, beginning to puff and blow, "is to learn something. That's the only thing that never fails. You may grow old and trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your veins, you may miss your only love, you may see the world about you devastated by evil lunatics, or know your honour trampled in the sewers of baser minds.

There is only one thing for it then — to learn. Learn why the world wags and what wags it. That is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of regretting. Learning is the only thing for you. Look what a lot of things there are to learn.”

― T.H. White, The Once and Future King


South Africa
Lapsed academic
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Many of my digital collages available as prints, phone and iPad cases, etc, on redbubble.
Commissioned work undertaken if it tickles my fancy!…

The Hero's Journey: Crossing the Threshold

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 29, 2015, 2:53 AM
In previous journal entries, I talked about  The Call to Adventure, Refusal of the Call and The Hero's Journey: Helpers Arrive.

The Door by mrcool256

Next comes the crossing of the threshold - the stage where you take a decisive step that commits you to the adventure - to leaving the ordinary world, the status quo, and venturing into the unknown.

"If I take one more step, I'll be the farthest from home that I've ever been."

- Samwise Gamgee,  The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

This is a defining moment in the life of the hero, often the first active decision of responsibility and independence. This is stepping into a bold new world and is often a very scary act, going from the safety of home into an unpredictable and dangerous world, where the rules are different and the cost of failure is high. The Crossing usually requires - at the very least - a deep breath.  Often there is a moment of real fear and hesitation, and sometimes a swift kick in the rear from a Mentor is required.

This is the part of the story where the adventure truly begins. You pack your car and leave for the new job in a new city; you get on a plane for that gap year in Europe; you cross the threshold of a church to marry your true love. The main feature of this stage is that you leave behind some part of your old life - or an old version of yourself - to start something new or to become someone new. You are charting some form of new territory – physical, emotional or otherwise – and so you cross a Threshold marking the end of the old mode of being and the beginning of something new, exciting, and terrifyingly unpredictable.

Ancient Threshold by samburley


Portal by arsenixc


The Gate by Rowye

It's adventure time! by Tonyholmsten

travel by tarachand


I have to leave by Julie-de-Waroquier

Lightness of Being by Miguel-Santos

Crossing the Bridge by gilad

end by HenriqueFrazao       The Doorway by KateBloomfield

The Hero's Journey: Helpers Arrive

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 20, 2014, 4:35 AM
In previous journal entries, I talked about  The Call to Adventure, and Refusal of the Call.
This - the third - stage of the hero’s journey is where helpers arrive to support the hero in her quest.

"It all depends on what you want, you can trust us to stick to you through thick and thin - to the bitter end. 
And you can trust us to keep any secret of yours - closer than you keep it yourself. 
But you cannot trust us to let you face trouble alone, and go off without a word.  We are your friends, Frodo."

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

Helpers can take various forms – think about fellow travelers, BFFs, allies, sidekicks, comrades-in-arms. 
In truly epic quests, the hero is often supported by a band of companions, who make up for the hero’s own deficiencies, or who are there to cheer the hero along, or have very useful skills in swordsmanship or dragon diplomacy,  or who are simply such engagingly bumbling idiots that the hero cannot help but shine by comparison. 
Even the bumbling idiots, though, usually have something to teach the hero, something she can learn from.
 Fangorn by LauraTolton
come..visit the woods he said... by nebezial
Pooh and friends by bluekomadori

Sidekicks are a very specific genre of Helper. 
They are often smaller, sillier, and somewhat annoying.
If this is a Disney movie, they may be a teacup, or a candlestick, or something equally useless on a real quest.

 Batman and Robin by JPRart    Batman and Robin by Ry-Spirit   
Mulan by Aloira    Dory by macsnow
Jiminy Cricket Colour by billythebrain     Spock by AmandaTolleson   

The most powerful Helper is, of course, the Mentor, Guide, or Teacher. 
This is usually someone older, wiser, who has walked this path before you, and has a great deal of advice to offer – much of it obscure and cryptic. 
Sometimes Mentors can offer supernatural aid, sometimes they just tell you to “wax on, wax off”. 
Almost always, though, Mentors call forth something in you that you did not know you were capable of. 
Also, invariably, at some point in the quest, your Mentor will step aside, or abandon you. Perhaps, even, they will die.
And alone and finally courageous, you will leap
into your own heroism. 

 Gandalf the Grey by D17rulez     GANDALF by masiani   

Gandalf the white by francoclun    Approach to Rivendell by PaulTobin
genie. by nightwing1975  The Blue Fairy ala Tenggren by snowsowhite  
Brave by KJVallentin
Yoda by AdamHughes

So, what is the quest you are on, in your own hero’s journey, right now? 

Finding your true destiny as an artist? 
Dealing with pain, illness, or death? 
Undertaking a huge adventure in a gap year overseas? 
Reinventing your life, looking for a new job, starting a new venture?
Trying to discover, before it is too late, what it means to be the hero of your own story? 
Whatever it is, you can be sure that there is a Samwise Gamgee, a Gandalf, a true companion (or two or three) who will be there to accompany you on the quest.
You are not alone.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive."

Faking it ... again

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 21, 2014, 6:31 AM
So, I set myself a challenge to take a single picture and make a range of digital collages out of it in the style of as many as possible of my fellow (traditional) collagistes on deviantArt. 

Miss Charlotte Cracroft by hogret-stock

It was a surprisingly challenging task - and a real learning curve as I tried to imagine the choices and process of artists whose work is very different from mine. 
Here are the first few hommage pieces, side by side with a collage by the "real" artist.

A la Crussol12 by hogret     Gaining Ground by Crussol12

A la Robert-Alan by hogret      temptation by Robert-Alan

A la Kanchan by hogret     Homage to Klimt by KanchanCollage

Successful?  Or not? 
More to come ..

Anyone like to join me in the challenge?
Pick a source picture or scrap of something.
Choose three of your fellow collagistes.
See what you come up with!

Where have you been and what have you seen?
What have you survived? 
What are you grateful for? 
What are you proud of?

And now.
What adventures await in the year ahead?

Travel hopefully.
Journey joyfully.
Arrive safely.

secrets three by rainbowlullaby     Edge of the map 4 by daegfire     Star Map - ATC by WordsAreMyWeakness

Theatrum Mundi by ArianeJurquet     Picknick Serie X by kaethe    

The Quest by LauraTringaliHolmes     Collage 2012 126 by ArianeJurquet        The Cartographer by hogret

sweaty and nervous by RichardLeach     Chicadee Map by LizCohn     My Map Number Three by vantiani 

  map vs territory 2 by KatDiestel     Daily Journal: The Journey by hogret

lesson part one by PumpkinMelody     hands. by uglyappleblossom

Look Up by pashrash     Belong. by Anesthetic-X

Puzzled by thesoulcanwait      map inside by mellotronscratch     Clumsy Kid 4 by Aminia-Grey
    ATC Guardian Angel the Mother by claudiamm37 Something About Sorrow by MyVictorianSecret     Gabriel by RevolverWinds

A is for Angel by hogret     Burst by LauraTringaliHolmes

The Fragmentation of Iconography by KanchanCollage     the unknown ANgel by steve2727     Life by RichardLeach

   TinCan Angel by hogret       this years angel by steve2727      send me an angel by Robert-Alan

  Angel Figure by hrn  

haiku 100 by wrzosowata-Iro     Rehearsal Wings by MissAmandaLee     Sweet reverie by ArianeJurquet

Against Willful Rebellion by grayman8     Asking for by kapriize-klusee     My Guardian Angel ATC by LauraTringaliHolmes

Angel by audreysmith          
newspapers collage 2 angel by polpolina     Different World: 1 by Di0tima     The Morning Star by RevolverWinds

The broken Vessel by DeerDandy 

Untitled 157 by Crussol12     fish and bird by pollysonic     Angel of Brighton by GeorginaRagazza



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